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On 7/30/2017 10:00 PM, Gary MacLennan wrote:

If you can find the time for an extended piece on the Venezuelan situation that would be deeply appreciated. I was dismayed to note that the radical/progressive Radio Station Novara Media out of London is to arrange a debate on Venezuela - for and against. That to me means that the counter revolutionary forces in Venezuela have been very successful in their self presentation.
Unfortunately, I'm not in a position these days to pursue this but think that recent pieces by Steve Ellner (who is there) and George Ciccariello-Maher (both available at the Socialist Project website) are quite useful (as was Claudio Katz's commentary on the Left in Vzla, available on Links. Certainly, the counter-revolutionary forces in the country and outside have been quite successful in presenting their narrative as the truth. Consider how the declared 7 million voters in the opposition-organised consultation has been accepted as truth by the capitalist media despite the absence of monitoring, the ability to vote multiple times (as recorded on video), the questionable math in terms of how many people could vote at the limited number of tables in the time period--- and the inability to verify results given the rapid destruction of the voting records; compare that to the dismissal of yesterday's announcement of over 8 million votes in the election of members of the Constituent Assembly-- despite the fact that this election took place via electronic machines (where multiple voting was prevented) and the official system provides a paper counterpart for each vote. The opposition has cried fraud for every election carried out this way and their narrative has been accepted unquestionably this time. The answers to this internally are for the Venezuelan people to provide. But a counter-narrative externally is for those of us who part company with the capitalist media to provide, and venezuelanalysis is a good place to start for information.
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