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Opening at the IFC Center in NYC as well as on Netflix VOD, “Icarus” is an oddly compelling tale about the Russian use of performance enhancement drugs (PEDs) in international sporting events that like the hacking reports was used to make the Kremlin look bad. Just as the accusation about Russia interfering in our elections is the height of hypocrisy (the USA is the world’s champion at this), so is the furor over doping. American athletes do the same thing both in amateur and professional sports. The explanation for interfering in elections and gaining unfair advantage in athletic competition is fairly simple. Powerful capitalist nations like the USA and Russia see both as spectacles used to con a depoliticized population. What better way to get peoples’ minds off their economic woes than to get them sitting in front of a TV set watching presidential candidates “debating” or jumping off a diving board?

full: https://louisproyect.org/2017/08/04/icarus/
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