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This Facebook post is stated with remarkable clarity. Geopolitics are 
important, but they can only take us so far. Many on the left give lip service 
to democracy and popular uprisings, but they don't really believe what they 
say. I remember arguing with colleagues at college about postwar Vietnam. They 
were going on and on about the plight of the boat people. They didn't seem to 
grasp that when a nation's people are slaughtered, even under the best of 
circumstances (the Vietnamese liberation was, after all, due to the North 
Vietnamese communists and their allies in the NLF), radical democracy is 
unlikely to flourish and those who had aided the enemy unlikely to be treated 
with compassion. What government could do this and survive? Matters will be 
much worse when the government, such as it is, is run by a fascist murderer 
like Assad. And given the circumstances, isn't it likely that fanatics would 
have soon enough emerged, irrespective of any US efforts to crush them. Extreme 
misery n
 ever brings out the best in people. Of course, the US has never cared, and 
still doesn't, if Assad stays in power. It surely has never wanted a real 
democracy to flourish anywhere in the world.
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