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On 2017/09/05 11:01 AM, Philip Ferguson via Marxism wrote:

There are questions in this (exceedingly grumpy) review posed to me, so I sent back this quick answer to Walter Daum:

Walter: [Bond] repeatedly quotes her statements to the effect that “capital cannot accumulate without the aid of non-capitalist relations.” But the main examples he provides are those of extractive industries that strip the continent of minerals, and he vividly describes the infamous massacre of platinum miners at Marikana in 2012. How is this an example of “super-exploitative relations between capitalist and non-capitalist spheres” being confirmed in Africa today?

My reply: The super-exploitation of the non-capitalist sphere entails:
1) land grabs of the soil above which the minerals are found;
2) nature grabs of the minerals themselves;
3) grabs of the social reproduction of labour power in the form of super-exploited women suffering the conditions of migrant labour in neo-apartheid SA (more at http://womin.org.za)

Sorry I didn't make that clear, but you'd agree?


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