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I've been discussing this article in various venues.  There are very
worthwhile points in this article, though some of his assertions about the
American Revolution and the character of the working class are very
problematic, to say the least.

Most importantly, assumptions connecting Trump's victory to white working
class resentments in places like western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan,
Wisconsin offer aid and comfort to illusion to the east coast liberal
readers of _The Atlantic_.  It is a well-entrenched, time-honored method.
They get liberal Democrat Harry Truman to purge the government of New
Dealers and their old allies.  Then, they call it "McCarthyism,"
attributing it to the ignorant yokels of rural Wisconsin.  They never ran a
more rabidly capitalist and New Yorkish candidate than the Donald J. Trump,
and they attribute his victory to "Populism."

The same liberal circles that had a tremendous hand in shaping the civic
culture that produced the alternatives of 2016.  They were then downright
rabid in asserting that anyone who didn't support Hillary Clinton must be a
closet reactionary--as they also argued in the Obama and earlier Democratic
campaigns.  And when their approach couldn't even goad to the polls the
voters they had gotten last time, they settled on ascribing Trump's victory
to the triumph of white nationalism . . . which validated an interpretation
that placed the responsibility somewhere . . . anywhere . . . other than

Mark L.
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