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Sad to see this on a Marxist site.

But those like David Cole seem to identify with this capitalist state actually 
protecting their interests!

Perhaps for him - they do - but what about the true realities of the rest of us?

How many leftists (not liberal academics in their comfy conditions) really 
believe there is either

real free speech or protection for such, by this capitalist state and its 
repressive forces and "citizenry"?

One supposedly has "freedom of speech and assembly" - until it is a threat to 
those exploiting and in power.

For many of the laboring class, we have to deal with these right wing fanatics 
and not in nice settings.

Perhaps David Cole (and other straight males) might want to hold hands with 
other males in much of

the USA referred to as "Jesus Land" and experience directly "free speech" and 
violence against them.

People of Color are fully aware of their "free assembly and free speech" in 
this Land of the Free. And

just try holding a free speech talk with red flag in many settings in this 
nation.  The capitalists have

their "private property" to limit all those places where one can carry out 
"free speech and assembly".

To assume these right wing terrorist filth only carry out public gathering 
debates - and have stopped

their usual other regular violent attacks against People of Color and men who 
appear Gay - reflects

at best ignorance of reality for those who are the targets of these fascists.

Of course when deciding if the rights and privileges of straight white male 
"liberals" in their secure

comfortable positions, is to be weighed against the less than equally secure 
and protected poor

People of Color, LGBT people and trade unionists trying to organize and defend 
their fellow workers -

well you know what side they are going to identify with.  As for physically 
fighting off fascists who

are attacking their intended targets - well don't expect them to risk harm 
either to themselves.

Ideas are one thing - but do not expect them to risk anything substantial. The 
term Limousine Liberals

seems to fit for many of the comfortable.

Silence and Acceptance along with Fear, are what both the fascists and the 
capitalist state rely on

besides brute violent force.

Those who are aware on this List, know that pleas to rely on bourgeois law and 
capitalist rule, to

defend any rights, not alone provide respect and security for poor 
discriminated people, is a false

and dangerous lie.  As I write this, many people are hurting - and without 
"free speech rights" in

the USA.  There are many in prisons, many in corporate jobs, many in the 
military and many in

their parents homes, etc.  who dare not express their views.  People who hold 
progressive views

are fired daily from their wage jobs.  We have the Taft Hartley Law in place 
against left wing unionists

and many states have anti-communist employment loyalty requirements and fire 
those who violate

these employment guidelines.

We have a nation state that rules better -when they have the populace believing 
they have "rights".

As long as they do not really try to enact them. What has historically ensured 
rights for other than

the privileged, has been workers organizations who defend such.  Not the 
privileged jurists who hold

anti-working class views.  Does anyone on this List believe that the "U. S. 
justice system" is just for all.

Or just really mainly for the privileged and comfortable to enact punishment 
against the poor and

to enact and confirm corruption and exploitation for the wealthy's behalf.

David Cole's excuse to not be engaged against fascists - with claiming we have 
"free speech"

might be believed by the privileged lawyers and academia - but does not hold up 
against reality

of those the fascists target.

I have spent much of my life in efforts to secure rights and justice.  And in 
those decades involved

in the historic Civil Rights Movement, the Lesbian & Gay Rights Movement, the 
Disabled Movement,

the Women Rights Movement and many labor union organizing efforts, it was not 
the courts and

"free speech and assembly" that made real progress, but independent organizing 
and movements

in motion.  Fascists are not going to respect "free speech" and will carry out 
their violence, fear

and discriminatory injustice.

The problem is the fascists and those who protect and support them - and not 
those who oppose them.

There are no "fine people" on the other side.  It is real life and not a 
college  philosophy class debate.

While it is far more effective to organize mass independent movements and 
actions against fascists, the

privileged comfortable liberals accepted the ongoing terrorism and injustice 
carried out by the capitalist

state every day.  Jim Crow and segregation laws were not challenged by the 
comfortable.  Only now are

some questioning the confederate flag and Confederate statues and named 
buildings, as racist symbols,

that the fascists object too.  The same comfortable liberals were opposed to 
those "troublemakers" who

were challenging racism in the past and now.  They accept others being 
inflicted with injustice, as long as

they keep their privileges.  And focus their anger and educated words at those 
who want to end accepting


The problem is silence and acceptance - and fear that resistance can lead to 
"things being worse".

Tactics are important as well as a winning strategy essential - but David 
Cole's New Republic article does

not offer that.  Only bourgeois ideas on reliance on capitalist courts, "free 
speech and assembly" that are

not going to stop fascists or their daily attacks on other then white straight 

It is already worse and for a long time - and not acceptable to place the 
problem on those wanting to

challenge wrong - while it is the capitalist state and its exploiters - and 
active repressive forces- that are

the real source of wrong and injustice.

Where are those academic liberals and lawyers on protecting women's clinics 
being daily terrorized,

or on Gay bashing or on the klan and other fascists killings against People of 
Color?  These are being done

by the same fascists that are holding their "free speech rallies" who then 
resume their usual other violence

and terror.

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Why We Must Still Defend Free Speech | by David Cole | The 
Does the First Amendment need a rewrite in the era of Donald Trump? Should the 
rise of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups lead us to cut back the 
protection ...

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