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As far as I can tell, this piece of news has not made it to this list. The
FARC has established itself as a legal political party and kept the same
acronym with a slightly different name, Fuerzas Alternativas (instead of
Armadas) Revolucionarias de Colombia. Leaders of a section of the
fragmented Polo Democratico Alternativo attended part of the FARC
convention. Currently there are three leftist candidates, two formerly of
the Polo, running for president: Gustavo Petro (formerly mayor of Bogotá),
Clara Lopez (formerly the head of the Polo), and Piedad Cordoba (formerly a
Liberal Party Senator). It is too soon to tell whether the new FARC will be
able to swim in the electoral waters of Colombia, but it will certainly
play a role in rearranging the fragments of the left. Read more about this
in Spanish at this link

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