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I have no idea if Sam Gindin and Leo Panitch have any ties to Socialist Project but every so often something comes across my Twitter feed from this outfit that makes me blanch.

Apparently, York University professor Greg Albo, who has worked with Panitch and Gindin on Socialist Register for many years, appears to be following the Oliver Stone/Michel Chossudovsky/Diana Johnstone/Eva Bartlett/Vanessa Beeley school of advanced crypto-Stalinism most assiduously. Albo is the éminence grise of the Socialist Project, god help us.

After seeing a link to a Consortium News article in my Twitter feed titled "Syria’s Survival Is Blow to Jihadists", I wondered if Albo was on the same junket to the RT banquet as Max Blumenthal. If you go to the Socialist Project website, you'll find links galore to this kind of diarrhea.

You only wonder when Socialist Project begins to crosspost articles from RT or Sputnik on how Myanmar is leading the struggle against jihadism by driving the filthy Muslim terrorists out of the country.

The author of the Consortium News article is one Alastair Crooke, a former member of MI6 with zero connection to the left. Apparently one other outfit is also on board with Crooke's Assadist propaganda:


Maybe Robert Parry, Greg Albo and Lyndon LaRouche can get together and exchange ideas about how to prosecute the war on Islamic jihadists. I bet the 3 of them can come up with a doozy of an article for the next Socialist Register. They better move quickly because LaRouche just turned 95 and has begun to mistake a toilet bowl for the bathroom sink.
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