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On 9/11/17 7:57 PM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism wrote:
Louis, I don't see a link to the Crooke article.
Anyway as I recall from discussions during the Panitch/Gindin betrayal on
Greece, those two are central to the Socialist Project. So I'm not
surprised if they have a Pink Tide line on Syria (but need citations).

It was in the News column on the right side of the page.

You can also find this:

The Much-Maligned Views of Rania Khalek on Syria
Rania Khalek interviewed by Justin Podur


I have a suspicion that Podur, who is a total Assadist, is responsible for most of this crap with Albo serving as his enabler.

Also, I wouldn't make an amalgam between Syriza and Syria even though they are kind of spelled alike. I have my own views on Syriza that are distinct from Panitch and Gindin but don't think that the word betrayal applies to what they have written. In fact, we should fucking retire the word "betrayal" along with "petty-bourgeois" and "revisionist". It has a kind of musty, cobwebs aura that makes me glad I left the Trotskyist movement 39 years ago. I only wish it had been 49 years ago.
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