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In New Zealand, every political party says it is against "child poverty"
and wants to reduce the level of "child poverty".  Veteran working class
activist Don Franks suggests "child poverty" is bullshit; the problem is
adult poverty and none of the parties will be reversing that:

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has retweeted an intersting tweet noting
that immigration does not affect wages and jobs in Britain:

Continuing the critique of David Harvey's playing down of the importance of
imperialism, Walter Daum makes some comments on Harvey, Baran-Sweezy and

See also Walter's piece on Luxemburg's *Accumulation of Capital* a hundred
years on:

Veteran left activist Phil Duncan looks at why the NZ working class today
is so passive and politically under developed:

PFLP in solidarity with US antio-racist campaigners:
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