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Thomas Campbell wrote


Here’s the score, boys and girls. This is what happens, sooner or later, to everyone who has a beef, however minor, with the Putin regime. They get a visit from a “policeman” who is indistinguishable, in his behavior, looks, and speech, from an ordinary thug.

For all that, justification on the ground and all that, what is the essential difference between RT, BBC and VOA? Yes, the Russian regime is from what I know everything you say it is. and which for reasons of state and economic insecurity that we could go into is, counter-productively in the long run and like most third world regimes, more repressive, corrupt and hostile to dissent than many western governments. So then how about the US regime? In terms of its relative effect on the lives or life chances of countless working class inhabitants of the planet, and its threat to the long-term viability of our species, when it threatens to spread nuclear annihilation and selective murder by drone and space technology all over the place, denies and impedes any meaningful action on climate deterioration, prevents labor mobility and rise in living standards in every corner of the globe while enhancing capital mobility without impedance to the benefit of US capital, and consumes the preponderance of the world's assets, many irreplaceable? Need I elaborate further? Have you for example in the past few days seen our media outlets' smug, self-serving coverage of North Korea, 9-11 and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma? Would you be posting, not just on VOA, but on the organs of a vicious US media conspiracy which conceals all that I describe and requires truth-seekers with vital information to resort to an outlet no less venal but open to an essential critique of US corporate and governmental actions?

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