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On 9/13/17 2:41 PM, MF Kalfat via Marxism wrote:

I'm the Jewish Banker Behind the Soros Fortune | Spengler

The Internet is crawling with loonie stories alleging that liberal funder
George Soros is a frontman for the Rothschild banking family, in the
service of a conspiracy for world government. In the 19th century, to be
sure, the Rothschild bank exercised enormous power at the peak of British


I've had my own beefs with Soros over the years, mostly because he funded Bard College's colonizing efforts around the world in pursuit of advancing his Karl Popper ideology and because he is a scoundrel whose financial chicanery has caused immense suffering. That being said, I back the Central European University staying in Hungary despite the government's attempts to close it.

Here's something I wrote about Soros supposedly trying to foment a "color revolution" against Trump that addresses the anti-Semitism angle:

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