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Now that Wisconsin is thoroughly softened up by repeated defeats for labor, several years of successful anti-worker moves, in comes their ultra-right-wing Governor Scott Walker arm-in-arm with Trump and Foxconn, the Taiwanese company which brought China mass suicides and long, unhealthy, onerous working conditions. Foxconn relocates to Wisconsin because they're being offered a $3 billion subsidy to relocate to that state that they couldn't refuse, paid for by Wisconsin taxpayers, along with the inevitable repatriation of profits drained from Wisconsin inhabitants, not even due to be circulated in their own area but to the coffers of the stockholders of this giant predatory foreign corporation. That plus a leg up on the race to the bottom for another segment of US workers due to be underpaid and overworked, who were once schooled to expect a race to the top and now will be that much closer to their counterparts in China on wages and working conditions.

It's well to keep in mind, though, that we are in a sustained economic slump with an increasingly debt-encumbered and insecure working class and inexorable increase in automation across the spectrum as capital scrambles for diminishing market share - and that following the 1929 crash, joblessness, homelessness and Hoovervilles, it took a period of years before the workers managed to organize and fight back. We can work towards that and hope, but this time around for nothing less than a united global fight-back. That will take in this country disillusionment with the prospect of a working class divided from and opposed to foreign workers and sharing in the rip-off from their cheaper labor. Anything short of that, with the mobility and power of concentrated capital increasing constantly and spreading globally, is pyrrhic.

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