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Yes, there are equivalents but these aren't necessarily exact equivalents.

Ted Allen formulated this perspective based on a close study of the
evolution of an idea of race in the early Caribbean.  I think there was one
chapter in his two-volume history of the white race on the mainland of
North America.  Ideas of race--and the rigidity of those ideas--are going
to develop differently in a slaveholding system with 95% of the population
racially enslaved and a system with a much smaller fraction.  In
particular, the 5% of the "whites" in that former system are going to be
much more uniformly involved with maintaining and benefiting from the
system--and have a much more uniform concept of "whiteness"--than states in
which most whites have no similar connection to and commitment to the
institution.  The latter obviously permits a much wider spectrum of views
on race among those whites.

As far as that goes, can anyone really expect that the practices and
attitudes about race that prevailed in South Carolina are going to work the
same way in Kentucky, much less in Vermont?

Then, too, the matter becomes even more complicated by the presence on the
mainland of large and internally diverse groups of native peoples, with
Chicanos and Californios as well (and later, Chinese).

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