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If I recall rightly, Torab has written about the USFI stance re Iran.

He was the political secretary of the section when the European-based and
US-based FI supporters merged - the HKS.  (Within months there was a split,
with the formation of the HKE, which was generally aligned with the US SWP,
at least initially.  The HKS susbsequently evolved away from the FI.

Torab is still very much a marxist, but he doesn;t identify as a trotskyist
- and hasn't for a long time.

I interviewed him back in 2008 - the interview is up on Redline.  I have
had intermittent contact with him since, but not as much as with Yassamine
Mather.  Her background is different - she was in the Fedayeen (Minority),
the Fedayeen people who opposed Tudeh and the theocratic regime.

I also interviewed her a few years back and that interview is on Redline.

She's the most prominent figure in Hopoi.

She also wrote a very interesting piece about Marxism in Iran that is
essentially about the Fedayeen.

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