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"Taher Ahmadzadeh, a veteran member of Iran’s Jebheh Melli (National Front
- Mossadegh’s political coalition) and the Freedom Movement, who became
briefly the governor of Khorassan province after the Iranian revolution of
1979, died on November 30 in Mashad, northern Iran. Most of the Persian
language press inside and outside the country published lengthy obituaries.
He had been imprisoned both during the Pahlavi period and after the Islamic
Revolution and the obituaries dedicated paragraphs to his sons Massoud and
Majid, founders of the Sazman-e Cherikha-ye Fadayee-ye Khalgh, OIPFG, who
were executed by the Shah’s regime, and his youngest son, Mojtaba, a
sympathizer of another communist organisation, who opposed armed struggle,
killed at the age of 25 by the Islamic Republic.

"However almost all of these obituaries failed to mention his daughter
Mastoureh Ahmadzadeh, who is alive, who was a political prisoner of the
Shah’s regime and became a leading figure of OIPFG, a member of its central
committee. . .

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