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The comrade's remarks are just lacking knowledge about Oprah Winfrey.

She was born and grew up in poverty in Mississippi under Jim Crow.  And most

people know this and that she was herself molested as a child and raped and

had a child that died while she a teenager in poverty.

Oprah Winfrey gave a wonderful inspiring speech at the Golden Globes.

The critique in general about how she urges adaption instead of total revolution

is legitimate concern, since she is no longer of the working class or views that

class as what is needed to make much needed change enacted to end exploitation

and destruction of all life on this planet.

But as a woman and a Black Woman, who has grown up in this patriarchal sexist

and racist society, she has every right to speak out and say what she did.  And

she knew Recy Taylor and brought that terrible violence to that woman, to the

nation's attention - that helped all women threatened with violence and abuse.

This is 2018, and it would be nice for self proclaimed progressive men to stop

declaring what oppression and to whom matters and that others do not. The

psychological and physical assault that many women face, are all horrible.

That poor disabled Black Lesbians have less power and support is clear, to

not only those who view themselves as Marxists, but to most people in general.

But no woman or man should be sexually assaulted, whether rich or poor.

And being raped or threatened with sexual assault is real for many and is

not to be dismissed or proclaimed "as less oppressive" than other deplorable

acts.  I left the YSA/SWP over its nonsense (That was insulting) when Jack

Barnes cult followers proclaimed Gays and Lesbians had "little social weight".

The same thinking about "comparing" oppression and not acknowledging it

was the patriarchal system that enforced women of all classes isolation and

all being potential sexual victims, even those with maids.  Because it was those

wealthy and powerful men who had control and carried out terror against

rich and poor women.  And yes some wealthy women condoned this for their

own financial and societal status (but not all) and yes rich women can hire

lawyers and might gain more voice and acknowledgement (but not all) and

many remained silent not because as the comrade wrongly writes, but as

Oprah Winfrey stated and has for many years - the fear of shame, rejection

and isolation, if they did not.

Psychological control is a major way to continue people oppressed and it

affects people across the class lines too!

I assume most men on this list want to get rid of the patriarchy and to

also reject bourgeois feminists like Hillary Clinton.  But socialist feminists

should not decry women in film and media and other professions with

more wealth and power than poor women and men wage workers,

being able to challenge and question the patriarchy.  Removing Roger

Ailes, Bill O'Reiley, Charlie Rose, Matt Laer, etc. from power does not

harm us poorer wage workers,  It weakens the patriarchy and thus

creates a more weakened institution and system - not a stronger one.

Class is the prime concern for us, but it should not be the only,

since ending capitalism does not end all sexism, racism, etc. and

ending patriarchy is a good thing!  Margaret Thatcher and Hillary

Clinton relied on the patriarchy for their own power and wealth.

Long overdue to have the Third Wave of Feminism sweep away

much needed foundations of oppression.  It will only lead to more

class awareness by women laborers who will not be satisfied with

the continuing inequality and oppression against them, due to

their status and exploitation.

Would this nation and world be better off if Oprah Winfrey did not

give that speech at the Golden Globes yesterday that was seen by

millions around the world, as the comrade's criticism seems to

suggest?   Keeping things as they were or only waiting for a class

revolution, is not the only options and it might seem irrelevant

or unimportant to the writer, but it is not and very real to many

others.  We will not have a successful needed revolution without

Women of Color's leadership and getting rid of the patriarchy.


I have to admit that I purposely ignored the Golden Globes and all of its
Hollywood Rich Women’s #MeToo moments. However, I was more than insulted
listening online this morning to Oprah compare the violent and brutal pain
of rapes and even murders that Black women endured by racist white men
during Jim Crow to that of rich white women in Hollywood and business.

The brutal gang rape of Recy Taylor by six white men in Alabama is not
comparable to the alleged sexual assaults that rich white women* (often
times purposely endured for fame and money) *are fighting in their new
#TimesUp and #MeToo movements. To compare the savagery and racism that
fueled the many rapes and abuse that Black women had to endure by the hands
of racist white men to that of rich white women’s new fight for dominance
and power is a shameful erasure, even for Oprah. These rich women weren’t
raped, beaten, bloodied and left to die because of hate and white power,
these rich women chose silence out of fear of their careers and wealth,
Black women who chose silence during Jim Crow etc., chose silence out of
fear for their very lives and that of their families.

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