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(This is absurd. It was only galling to NY Post readers. Most New Yorkers were either in support of lowering the flag to half-mast or indifferent. I have no idea how old the author of this article is but her photo suggests that she is probably in her 30s. I was here in NYC when the hardhats protested in support of Nixon and can tell you that this merely reflected the mindset of a racist craft union. I am all for having a class perspective but not one that tries to justify bad behavior.)

In fact, all of the hardhat actions of May 1970 should be read in the context of specific fights with New York’s mayor. For one, he had called for flags in the city to be held at half-staff that day. During the final weeks of his campaign for re-election the previous fall, Lindsay had also called for flags to be lowered during the National Moratorium against the war, and in doing so had caused uproar across the city — the President was in charge of such actions, and for a mayor to interject such symbolism on the side of war protesters rather than the soldiers themselves was galling to thousands of New Yorkers. Six months later, the construction workers on Wall Street hoisted their own flags, and reset those at City Hall to full-staff.

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