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By Kamran Nayeri.

Street protests that began in the northeastern city of Mashhad (pop. 2.8 million) in Iran (pop. 80 million) on December 28 and spread to some 80 cities, towns, and some villages, have been suppressed or otherwise ended by January 3 when the Revolution Guards (incorrectly translated as the Revolutionary Guards) were sent to the remaining trouble spots in Isfahan, Hamadan, and Lorestan to quell any protest. At least 21 protestors were killed and according a member of parliament more than 3,500 have been jailed. On January 3, the government also organized demonstrations of tens of thousands of supporters of the Islamic Republic to politically isolate the protesters. Meanwhile Internet access for selected regions was disrupted and access of the social messing site Telegraph with 40 million subscribers in Iran was cut off. Still, the protests have captured the imagination of many Iranians and the international community.

In what follows, I will outline some basic facts about these protests in section 1. These are collected from news articles and commentaries about the protests. However, much of these fails to place the protests in their historical context which includes the rise and demise of the 1979 revolution and the role of Shi'ite clergy in it. Sections 2 will deal with the histroical context, inclduing the role of the Shi'ite clergy. Section 3, will outline the counter revolutionary role of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic Republic that destoryed the 1979 revolurion against Shah's autocracy by imposing a theocratic capitalist regime in its place, now opposed even in the urabn poor and some rural population. In section 4, I will argue that the recent protest mark the begining of the end of the theocratic capitalist regime and suggest a way forward for the radicalizing youth and working people in Iran drawing on the histroical experience of Iranian people as well as the current social and ecological crisis in Iran and the world.

full: https://forhumanliberation.blogspot.com/2018/01/2793-islamic-republics-endgame-on.html
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