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My quibble with the sub- characterization of the BRICs is that it implies
they act on behalf of one or another major or full-fledged imperialist
power, whereas they are mainly acting out of their own self-interest,
albeit in contexts where they are not the strongest powers. Who, for
example, would Russia be “subbing” for in Syria? Who is China or South
Africa subbing for in Africa?

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 10:25 AM Patrick Bond <pb...@mail.ngo.za> wrote:

> ... we may want to take up the question of whether the Russian -
> and broader BRICS agenda (which will be on display when their
> head-of-states-summit comes here to Johannesburg in late July) for that
> matter - is better described not as anti- or inter- ... but as
> sub-imperialist.
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