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A lot of names there new to me, which is good.

One, recommended by friends, is "Selections from Theoretical Preliminaries
to the Study of the Impact of Social Thought on the National Liberation
Movement (1973)," Mahdi Amel and Brahim El Guabli:

Also some great old names, like Ian Birchall.

And there's this:
The Origins of Anti-Imperial Marxism: Rediscovering the Polish Socialist
by Eric Blanc
Which I guess is to be read after or along with his reassessment of
Luxemburg in Historical Materialism.

And then there's this:
Notes on Libya by Max Ajl
A quick skim of a very long article leaves the impression that Max is still
giving "anti-imperialists a free pass, but that deserves to be more
thoroughly assessed (including because the article is a review of the
latest book by Horace Campbell, a significant figure.
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