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Thanks to Anthony Boynton for his thoughtful comments. However, I think he
missed one of my points: In the article, I referred to "Trump’s close ties
with the Russian oligarchy/Russian capitalist class. For this very reason,
the investigation into his campaign’s links with the Putin regime cannot go
away." What I was referring to was the fact that Trump has acted as a
money-launderer for the Russian mafia for many years. This is something
I've written about frequently, and what it means is that he has close ties
to one of the main imperialist rivals to US imperialism, and this guides
much of his foreign policy. Witness, for example, his refusal just in the
last day or two to implement new sanctions against Russia despite its being
required by a law passed by the Republican congress. (Note: I'm not
advocating that he should; just giving an example.)

I think that the attitude of the mainstream of the capitalist class is what
you might call schizophrenic. Yes, they loathe him, but they also love his
tax breaks. The Wall St. Journal is a great example. During the primaries,
they had editorials and columns harshly attacking him almost every day.
Now, their editorials largely support him.

I also don't agree that bonapartism is enshrined in the US Constitution;
rather, I think it's a perfect example of bourgeois democracy, in which the
capitalist class ensures its rule as much through persuasion as through
outright repression while at the same time making sure that the working
class can never get ahold of real power through the (capitalist) state.
They are able to do this because of their base in wide layers of society,
and they have many institutions through which they maintain that base. The
capitalist mass media is one of them. Because that media does not explain
the real basis of the crisis of capitalism (of course!), it has lost a lot
of credibility, a lot of authority, among millions of workers. Then Trump
comes along and deals it one body blow after another. They also have other
institutions which are seen as being "above politics" and simply looking
out for the "national interest". The FBI and the CIA are two of them. Yes,
of course, we on this list and some others understand the roles of those
two institutions, but I'm talking about the great bulk of white middle
America. Now, here comes Trump and Co. and they are undercutting that
respect. That's the meaning of this whole struggle over the Nunes memo.

So, as this process continues, what other means do they have to continue
their rule? I find it hard to see anything other than massive increased
voter suppression and outright repression on a scale far wider than
anything we've seen outside the South during the segregation years. That is
what Bonapartism is.

One qualification: I think the mainstream of the US capitalist class does
not believe that bonapartism is necessary, and maybe they are right. Maybe
they will be able to reverse this drift. The problem is that the working
class hardly even exists as a coherent force in US society, so what is
there to push them? DSA? I'll wait to make that suggestion till April 1.

John Reimann

"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Assata Shakur
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