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>   1. Re:  Can Trump keep up the happy face? (Anthony Boynton)
Cf Richard Burt  
"He said his firm, McLarty Associates – headed by former President Bill 
Clinton’s ex-chief of staff Mack McLarty – was referred the Nord Stream II work 
by a financial PR firm in New York.”
"The elites’ moral and intellectual vacuum produced Trump. They too are con 
artists. They are slicker than he at selling the lies and more adept at 
disguising their greed through absurd ideologies such as neoliberalism and 
globalization, but they belong to the same criminal class and share many of the 
pathologies that characterize Trump. The grotesque visage of Trump is the true 
face of politicians such as George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack 
Obama. The Clintons and Obama, unlike Bush and Trump, are self-aware and 
therefore cynical, but all lack a moral compass."
Chris Hedges in Truthdig

Q: financial PR firm in NY?

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