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One is the 9 year massive injection of free money by the Fed and other central banks. More than necessary to invest in real production, so it flows into financial markets in the US and worldwide. Corporate profits since 2010 have nearly tripled, and capital gains taxes have been steadily reduced by trillions of dollars since 2010 as well. Corporations have kept a steady flow of money capital to their shareholders with 7 years of stock buybacks and dividend payouts—averaging a trillion dollars a year for seven years! Profits, dividends, buybacks, capital gains tax cuts resulted in trillions flowing into financial markets. Add to that record levels of margin buying of stocks by small investors (always a sign of bubbles) and that’s the source of the record price appreciation of stock markets. And, of course, let’s not forget the Trump business-investor tax cuts of more than $4 trillion (not $1.5) that are coming on top of it all—that will subsidize profits with an immediate 10%-31% profits boost, on top of the record profits that US corporations had already attained. Massive money capital injections surging into stock and other financial markets. That’s why the bubble.

full: https://zcomm.org/znetarticle/stock-markets-implode-worldwide-whats-next/
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