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A new electoral initiative here in Melbourne has a real chance of getting a
socialist elected to Victoria’s multi-member electorate upper house in
November. It's united Melbourne’s two socialist councillors, one of whom
being Australia’s he most electorally successful socialist in the last 60
or so years, and Australia's two largest socialist organisations. Since the
campaign was made public a couple of days ago one of the state's most
leftist unions, the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association, has
made a substantial donation, and others are likely to follow.

“Who are the Victorian Socialists?

“Our political system is broken. The Liberals rule for their corporate
mates. Labor is little better, tailing the political right and selling out
its working class supporters to big money and developers.

“It’s time for a genuine left alternative.

“In the November 2018 state election, left wingers are uniting as the
Victorian Socialists to get Yarra councillor Stephen Jolly elected to the
upper house for the Northern Metropolitan Region.

“We are for the poor against the rich, for workers against their bosses,
for the powerless against the powerful.

“The Victorian Socialists brings together socialist groups including
Socialist Alternative and the Socialist Alliance, and individual activists,
unionists and community organisers.

“While Stephen Jolly will head the campaign, the ticket will also include
Colleen Bolger from Socialist Alternative, and Socialist Alliance Moreland
councillor Sue Bolton”.

Full: https://www.victoriansocialists.org.au/whoare/

Socialist Alliance view:

Socialist Alternative view: https://redflag.org.au/node/6191
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