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I am somewhat surprised that anybody on this list would be unfamiliar with
the role of Chris Hedges regarding Syria. As a paid mouthpiece of Putin,
through his regular program on RT, Hedges has misrepresented the US role in
Syria and what is happening there in general as being like the US "regime
change" drive in Iraq. He gave a platform to Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal
to spout their lies and distortions. (Hedges simply asked them leading
questions; he never raised any doubts about their lies.) See:

I first was turned off to Hedges back during the Occupy movement, when he
went on a rant against the anarchists/Black Bloc. He more or less blamed
them for every problem that Occupy had, putting it all at the feet of
violence and property destruction. Yes, that property destruction was
harmful, but before then at least here in Oakland those same anarchists
actually played a positive role preventing Occupy from falling into the
hands of the liberals. And, in my experience, the property destruction was
very far from the cause of the fact that Occupy didn't get more active
working class support.

But that's in the past. Hedges' being in the Putin/Assad camp tells me that
he has absolutely nothing useful to offer.

John Reimann

"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Assata Shakur
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