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When Tsipras came to power on the shoulders of a populous political
movement, Palestinians too hoped
he would be different.

It was not exactly wishful thinking, either. Syriza was openly critical of
Israel and had “vowed to cut military ties with Israel upon coming to
office,” wrote
Strickland, reporting from Athens. Instead the “ties have, nonetheless,
been deepened.”

Indeed, soon after taking power, the ‘radical left’-led Greek government
signed a major military agreement with Israel, the ‘status of forces’
accord, followed by yet more military exercises.

All of this was reinforced by a propaganda campaign in Israel hailing the
new alliance, coupled with a changing narrative in Greek media regarding
Israel and Palestine.

One George N. Tzogopoulos has been particularity buoyant about the
Israel-Greek friendship. Writing a series of articles in various media,
including the rightwing Israeli newspaper
the Jerusalem Post, Tzogopoulos suggests that, unlike the older generation
of Greeks who have sided with Palestinians in the past, the young
generation is likely to be pro-Israel.

“This process (of converting Greeks to loving Israel) will take time, of
course, because it is principally related to school education,” he wrote
Algemeiner. “But the change in coverage of Israel by Greek journalists is a
good omen.”

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