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It's actually in relation to NZ and the NZ left, but I thibnk it holds true
much more widely.

by Philip Ferguson

“'The colonisation period is part of our history, but it’s not something
that we should be chuffed about.' – ‘Dame’ Jenny Shipley, former National
Party prime minister, on Radio New Zealand, Sunday, December 13.

"On this blog and previously in revolution magazine and The Sparknewspaper,
we have argued for almost two decades that the NZ ruling class has been
undertaking a modernisation project.  I’m not a huge base-superstructure
fan but, to sum it up in those terms, which can be useful short-hand, they
have been bringing the superstructure in line with the base.  Meanwhile
most of the left have been trailing along behind.  And by left, I mean the
most general sense of that term – ie people who see themselves as left
(predominantly the liberal-left); however, even sections of the ostensibly
anti-capitalist or revolutionary left have trailed along behind too.  As
we’ve argued before, only too often the left is more the left of bourgeois
politics and bourgeois economics than an ideologically-independent left
which seeks an anti-capitalist transformation of society.

"Absolutely central to the ruling class – and by this term I mean the
capitalists and their key managers, both in business and throughout the
state apparatus (eg, the key politicians and the heads of government
departments from education to WINZ to the judicial system, cops and
military) – has been the. . ."

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