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Jaysh al Thuwar (Army of Revolutionaries) is a predominantly Arab force that is 
part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with the predominantly Kurdish 
YPG/YPJ and other groups.

Jaysh al Thuwar was formed in 2015 by survivors of the Syrian Revolutionaries 
Front and other Free Syrian Army-aligned groups in northern Syria that were 
attacked by Jabhat al Nusra.

Jaysh al Thuwar is helping to defend Afrin against the invasion by the Turkish 
army and some of its proxies that use the name "Free Syrian Army".  Jaysh al 
Thuwar rejects the right of the Turkish-backed forces to use this name.

Chris Slee



"The forces gathered under the Jaysh Al Thuwar (“Army of Revolutionaries”) 
umbrella say they are the true FSA and they have come together for the Syrian 
revolution, while those who attack Afrin are ISIS, Hayat Tahrir Al Sham 
(formerly Al Nusra)..."

“Turkey wanted to make us fight against Kurds. They formed the group called the 
Euphrates Shield. We were there at first, but we left when the Nusra people 
arrived. The top level Nusra members in Idlib are all in Turkey now. They all 
say they are FSA, but that is not true. "

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