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I think the second was the only really valid educational link:
It is also full of half truths which should parsed a bit.

The problem with ecowatch is that it tends to report only on renewable
expansion in different countries and "successes". This gives it's own
pro-renewable anti-nuclear and anti-coal readers a false picture of China
(not to mentioned other countries). It does a general disservice to their
own constituents. For instance it reguarly reports on the German solar/wind
effort and ignores the massive increase in natural gas turbines and the
fact that to day, the Germans have shut virtually no coal plants (and then
went ahead and built the largest coal plants in Europe just 2 years ago,
outside Cologne). Failure at balanced reporting.

It is true what the article noted: 150 coal plants have have been canceled
there. Certainly a victory by any one's standards. And they have also
shuttered 100s of older dirtier plans as well. But the Chinese are *still*
expanding their use of coal. The increase has declined but growth for them
is still on the horizon. Also, China is the largest builder of coal plants
in the world, with *700* planned world wide by Chinese companies. NOT good.
According to this article:
here are around 336,000MWs of coal plants being proposed and approved with
China getting the bulk of them. I should point out that *new* Chinese coal
plants are least from the non-GHG emissions POV (2.5ppm particulate, carbon
monoxide, benzenes, etc) are much lower than American coal plants.
Still...not good.

Moreover...despite the vast increase in solar capacity...the actual
capacity (meaning what it does produce, not what it can produce) still
remains under 20% (as opposed to hydro, coal, natural gas and nuclear
plants which can run over 90%). China is also expanding other forms of
energy: hydro (which has been discussed here), natural gas and nuclear
energy. NG is a dangerous fossil fuel that outputs vast amounts of GHG
emissions. Hyrdo and nuclear, not so much. So ecowatch readers will come
away from the article believing that China is "going green". In fact it is
expanding the above forms of energy generation as fast as possible,
including, of course, nuclear energy.

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