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Comrades might be interested in a new book. Below you find the contents.

You can read it online or download it in A4 format as well as A5 book format here:



*I.The Reactionary Offensive of the Ruling Class Inevitable Provokes Political Crisis, Conflicts, Wars and Popular Uprisings*

/Main Characteristics of the Current World Situation/

/Domestic Crisis and Aggressive Foreign Policy/

/Like //the situation before the Balkan Wars 1912-13///

/The Most Explosive Focal Points of the Current World Situation/

/Changes in the Current World Political Phase/**

*II.Excurse: Different Types of Wars in the Present Period and Consequential Revolutionary Tactics*

/The Importance of Dialectic/

/Revolutionary War Tactics/

/Relationship between War and Revolution/


*III.The State of the World Economy: Delaying the Eruption of Accumulated Contradictions*

/Delaying the Beginning of the Next Recession/

/Why the Next Recession will be Worse/

*IV.Accelerating Rivalry Between the Imperialist Great Powers*

/The Decline of the U.S. and the Rise of China in Numbers/

/Russia Expanding its Influence/

/“Make China Great Again”/

/The Aggressive Strategy of the Trump Administration/


*V.Middle East and North Africa: Reactionary Offensive, Wars and Popular Uprisings*

/A new Sykes-Picot Agreement?/

/Wars with different characters/

/The Middle East as a powder keg of social-economic contradictions/

/Wars and Rivalry in the Middle East/

/The Syrian Revolution: In danger of annihilation/

/A new revolutionary upsurge of popular uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa/


*VI.The Korean Peninsula: Imperialist Aggression, Capitalist Restoration and Revolutionary Defensism*

/Capitalist Restoration in North Korea and the ruling Stalinist-Donju Class/

/South Korea: an Imperialist State/

/Amid Sanctions and War Threats: Defend North Korea! Defeat U.S. Imperialism!/


*VII.Building the Revolutionary World Party in the Present Period*

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