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On 2/14/18 9:42 AM, Allen Ruff via Marxism wrote:
Certainly true. The pertinent question for us today is what might Trump be 
paving the way for?  A narrow focus on Trump, as cause rather than symptom, 
blocks or obscures the larger forces at play on numerous levels, mounting 
crises at various levels, none of which bode well.  Ein gespenst (ghost?) is 
haunting America, (and it clearly isn’t that of communism). And that, it seems, 
is what Giroux is arguing.

What are we facing? Just look at England, a former empire that except for its financial sector is a basket case economically. Trump is continuing in the footsteps of Reagan and Thatcher, not Mussolini or Hitler who adopted military Keynesianism to lift their countries out of the Depression. Trump's model, despite his phony infrastructure proposal, is the Republican Party of Warren Harding with its Teapot Dome scandal. Probably the best prophet of our future was Robinson Jeffers:

Shine, Perishing Republic

While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity, heavily thickening
to empire
And protest, only a bubble in the molten mass, pops and sighs out, and the
mass hardens,
I sadly smiling remember that the flower fades to make fruit, the fruit rots
to make earth.
Out of the mother; and through the spring exultances, ripeness and deca-
dence; and home to the mother.

You making haste haste on decay: not blameworthy; life is good, be it stub-
bornly long or suddenly
A mortal splendor: meteors are not needed less than mountains:
shine, perishing republic.
But for my children, I would have them keep their distance from the thick-
ening center; corruption
Never has been compulsory, when the cities lie at the monster's feet there
are left the mountains.
And boys, be in nothing so moderate as in love of man, a clever servant,
insufferable master.
There is the trap that catches noblest spirits, that caught--they say--
God, when he walked on earth.
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