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I think its a very good film, but for those who are not so up on Marx's history I made up this in case we show it around here.

Jon Flanders

*Cast of Characters: The Young Karl Marx*

*J**enny Von Westphalen*

Jenny Von Westphalen was born into a prominemt family in Trier and married Karl Marx after a lengthy engagement.

Is said to have been an early influence on his politics and was involved with his work throughout her difficult life.

*Friedrich Engels*

Lifelong co-worker with _Karl Marx <https://www.marxists.org/glossary/people/m/a.htm#marx>_; co-authored _The Communist Manifesto <https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1848/communist-manifesto/index.htm>_ among many others.

Engels translated many of Marx's works into English. In his last years he was the outstanding figure of the young Second International.

*Mary Burns*

One-time lover/admirer of Frederick Engels and sister of Lizzy Burns.

*Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel*

The most important representative of classical German philosophy; he represented an objective idealism;

a brilliant investigator of the laws of dialectic, which he was the first consciously to apply. An understanding of the influence Hegel had on Marx and Engels, and their opinions of Hegel:

*Arnold Ruge*

Young Hegelian. Editor of Hallische Jahrbücher, then published Marx’s first really comprehensive political treatise.

With Marx, Feuerbach, and Bakunin, founded the newspaper Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher. Broke with Marx in quarrel over Herwegh.

*Wilhem Weitling *

One of Germany’s first proletarian writers. Collaborated with Blanqui. German utopian egalitarian socialist.

A tailor and travelling activist in proletarian movements. Criticised by Marx.

*Pierre Joseph Proudhon*

French political economist and acknowledged by Bakunin as the founder of anarchism, envisioned a society of independent, self-employed artisans.

*Karl Von Bruhn*

German communist journalist. Expelled from the Communist League in 1850. Later, 1861-66, editor of the Lassallean paper Nordstern, Hamburg.

*Michael Bakunin*

Russian revolutionary. One of the founders of anarchism. In the 1830s Bakunin was a Young Hegelian.

In 1848 he took part in the German revolution (the rising in Dresden). He was arrested (1849), and eventually handed

over to the Russian government and sentenced to life imprisonment. After the death of the Tsar Nicholas I, Bakunin was exiled to Siberia (1857). In 1861 he escaped exile and went to London.

On 2/14/18 10:12 AM, Mark Lause wrote:
I started watching this . . . the same way I watch most new movies . . . and expected very little.

It very quickly became evident that it deserved very close attention. Who'd have imagined that professional actors vied with the each other for the role of Arnold Ruge?

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