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Well, you're the archive guy, David. But my volume 2 of Capital, which I am
looking at right now, says nothing about Engels translating Vol 2 of
Capital. It says "Extensive use has been made of the English translation of
the second volume of Capital, published by Charles H. Kerr & Co., Chicago,
1909." Mine is the standard 3-volume paperback boxed set that many of us
got back in the 70's. It's a reproduction of the Progress Publishers

Next I am looking at the Charles H Kerr blurb for the above-referenced
complete three-volume first English edition of Capital, and it also says
nothing about volumes 2 & 3 being translated by Engels. It does NOT
indicate who translated from the German. My thinking is that translation by
Engels would be a serious selling point, so I wonder why it is not
mentioned either by Charles H Kerr or by International Publishers.

I'm pretty sure I remember the name Wilhelm Wolff being associated with the
translation of Capital but I lack the energy to track it down. Now I am
going to message Lucia Pradella to see what she knows, she's been heavy
into the newly opened up original Marx writings for volumes 2 & 3.
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