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> I have been a documentary filmmaker for the past 35 years and a Ph.D. in
> American Studies.  My films are (usually but not always) about the past
> with links to the present. Some of them are with my talented co-filmmaker
> Deb Ellis  (The FBI’s War on Black America and Howard Zinn: You Can’t be
> Neutral on a Moving Train.) And, our newest film* Peace Has No Borders *that
> follows an activist struggle in Canada fighting to allow American Iraq War
> Resisters to stay in their country. While taking place in the present it
> has a strong link to the Vietnam War. My other work includes films about
> Nelson Algren and J. Edgar Hoover has all had their roots in the past so
> when I see no historical reference in our news telecasts. An example that
> we intend to correct in this project is the Roy Cohn connection to Donald
> Trump so I began to think about what seems to be lacking in the documentary
> world and our news.
>  I want to create a series of 50-minute set of films that would seem like
> I.F. Stone meets Howard Zinn done in a short documentary. I have thousands
> of hours have PD footage and footage of my own so I decided to do something
> and use my skill as a film researcher. *The 1% War on Black America* would
> be the first of this type. These are short classroom length films designed
> explain the context of an issue. I followed Howard Zinn around for years
> and what he did that is sorely lacking today was to talk about past events
> and what are their links to the present so the attack on voting rights is
> the first of a series that I want to produce because no one talks about the
> obvious links to history.
> The One Percent War on Black America
> The attack that is taking place as we speak on voting rights is the most
> severe since reconstruction. Recent analysis shows it may have swayed the
> election but it is not a headline story or it is presented as a legit claim*.
> The One Percent’s War on Black America* is short 50-minute film, which
> will exposé this and traces its roots of the return to hating back to the
> John Birch Society of the 1950’s. It is not an accident that we have Trump
> or the attacks on voting. It has been a process and a more sinister process
> than could ever be imagined led by some of America’s biggest foundations.
>  *The One Percent War on Black America* follows several stories that come
> to a head by the end of the film. These are the GOP turn away from a party
> that supported civil rights to what they are today with the help of several
> foundations who evolved out of the John Birch Society and their sons and
> the weapons industry that finally caused the undemocratic vision of Donald
> Trump. How did we get here? How is this happening? This will be the thrust
> of the film and how people are fighting back.
> The story goes back and forth from the days of the John Birch Society and
> Fred Koch, the Bradley Foundation and the conservative movement of that era
> that including two American Presidents to the present day.  They fought
> against civil rights and voting rights all their life. The One Percent War
> follows the defeat of Barry Goldwater and the advent of “the Southern
> Strategy”. It unmasks how Nixon used the 1968 civil rights act along with
> racist code words to ride to the presidency but saw how his agenda was
> blocked by the Liberal appointments of Lyndon Johnson, which ultimately led
> to what was called the *Powell Memorandum *that became a blueprint for
> the attacks on minorities and militarism.
> Shifting gears we reveal how the Bradley Foundation and the Koch brothers
> have laced the groundwork for the revival of racism exploited by Donald
> Trump and a willing right wing media. Things changed dramatically in
> 1985, when the Allen-Bradley Company was sold to Rockwell International, a
> leading defense and aerospace conglomerate, for a whopping $1.651 billion.
> The Foundation benefited heavily from the sale, seeing its assets shoot up
> overnight from less than $14 million to more than $290 million, catapulting
> it into the ranks of the country's largest foundations. At that point its
> name was changed to the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, to publicly
> separate it from the company. Flush with new money and an understanding
> that they were now poised to play a more national role, foundation trustees
> decided it was time to hire a professional to run the organization and he
> found Charles Murray and the “Bell Curve”.
> The book argued that poverty is the result, not of social conditions or
> policies, but of the inferior genetic traits of a sub-class of human
> beings. The book was widely seen as a piece of profoundly racist and
> classist pseudo-science, and was denounced by the American Psychological
> Association. It had relied heavily on studies financed by the Pioneer Fund,
> a neo-Nazi organization that promoted eugenicist research. Immediately
> after its publication, Bradley has funded Murray ever since.  What we
> show is how willing the press has been to the present day to let Murray
> speak without challenging his credentials. This institutional racism is at
> the heart of the One percent war and drives the narrative.
> Part of the long-term success of modern GOP grew out of opposition to the
> civil rights gains of the 1960s can be easily traced to the development of
> a network of right-wing funders and well-funded institutions starting in
> the mid-1970s. For example, in 1973, legendary right-wing activist Paul
> Weyrich co-founded both the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
> and the Heritage Foundation where its founder thundered against the idea of
> the one-man-one vote.
> Among the groups that we do know is contributing to Donors Trust who
> funnels the money to right wing hate groups is the Wisconsin-based Lynde
> and Harry Bradley Foundation, The Bradley Foundation is no stranger to
> issues of voter suppression. In 2010 the group funded the “Voter Fraud is a
> Crime” and provided money to groups designed to keep people from voting.
>  We show how their work in Wisconsin does not bode well for the future
> and the rise of Donald Trump and how he is in many ways the result of years
> of hatred.
> I have collected lists and propose to do much the same as IF Stone did
> only on Video. The modern era allows one to bypass certain gatekeepers. The
> program I propose will never be shown on PBS but the way to reach young
> people and a new audience is through the Internet. Donations can be sent
> via email to PayPal or send a check to:
> Denis Mueller
> 1197 North Avenue
> <https://maps.google.com/?q=1197+North+Avenue+Burlington+Vermont+05408&entry=gmail&source=g>
> Burlington Vermont
> <https://maps.google.com/?q=1197+North+Avenue+Burlington+Vermont+05408&entry=gmail&source=g>
> 05408
> <https://maps.google.com/?q=1197+North+Avenue+Burlington+Vermont+05408&entry=gmail&source=g>
> dmueller...@gmail.com

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