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On 2/16/18 3:31 PM, Louis Proyect wrote:
Looked up Vorwarts in Wiki after Mehring mentioned that it was funded by the conductor Meyerbeer. I surmised that in addition to being a conductor, he was also the most noted Jewish composer of the 19th century and Wiki confirmed that.

So it turns out that the editor of Vorwarts, as well as the Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung that Marx wrote for after being exiled from France, was a police spy. Marx found it hard to believe that Bornstedt was a snitch, just the way that Lenin found it hard to believe that Malinovsky was a Czarist spy.


Marx found publishers both in Brussels and in Paris for his answer to Proudhon, but, although it was not very voluminous, he had to pay for the costs of the printing himself. By the time the book appeared in midsummer, 1847, he also had a mouthpiece in the Deutsche Brüsseler Zeitung which offered him the possibility of placing his views before the public.

The paper had been issued twice a week since the beginning of the year by Adalbert von Bornstedt, who had formerly edited Bornstein’s Vorwärts in Paris, and who had been in the pay of both the Austrian and Prussian governments, a fact which has since been irrefutably established from documents in the Berlin and Vienna archives, and the only point which is not quite clear is whether Bornstedt was continuing his spying in Brussels. There was a certain amount of suspicion against him, but this was dispelled by the fact that the Prussian Ambassador in Brussels roundly denounced his paper to the Belgian authorities. Naturally, these denunciations may very well have been made in order to throw dust into the eyes of the revolutionary elements which had collected in Brussels, and to accredit Bornstedt in their ranks, for the defenders of Throne and Altar have never been squeamish in their choice of means to further their lofty aims. Marx in any case did not believe that Bornstedt was a Judas.
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