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Assad goes all honest all of a sudden.

Bashar al Assad: “Let the Palestinian cause go to Hell"


In this speech following a conference with his primary sponsor
Vladimir Putin in late 2017, the "Great Anti-Zionist" Bashar al Assad,
says that since Arab nations failed to assist him and Putin to crush
the Syrian revolution, Russia is a true defender of Syria, unlike Arab
nations, adding, "let the Palestinian cause go to Hell."

In his address, Assad fawns on Putin, lauding the Russian forces and
Syrians who died to save his regime, saying, "We seen no difference
between the Syrian and Russian blood spilt in Syria. Maybe after one
century from now our children will be taught in schools the Russians
defended Syria as the Syrian champions did. If this [Arab nations'
failure to defend the regime in the same way as Russia] is nationalism
and Arabism, we neither want nationalism nor do we want Arabism. If
those are Arabs, we don’t want to be Arabs. We want to be anything
other than this. Let the Palestinian cause go to hell."

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