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David Walters accuses Andy of "taking [Black Panther] far too seriously."
If He further comments: "The 'social significance' of this I have to assume
is irrelevant."  I have not seen that film nor do I intend to see it. In
fact, I don't even know very much about its plot. But I do think we should
take Hollywood movies seriously in the political sense.

We should not see propaganda as being purely what comes from the
communications officer of the Pentagon or the editors of the Wall St.
Journal or the New York Times. No more than we should think that political
views and cultural orientation are two totally separate things. I strongly
believe that what comes out of Hollywood is one of the most powerful
propaganda tools for capitalism that the US capitalist class has. Same for
the songs that are on the radio. I well remember, for example, when rap
music first hit the big time. One of the first big popular rap groups was
Grand Master Flash, and I remember their hit "New York, New York". Back in
those days, my neighborhood was known as "Funktown" after one of Oakland's
more prominent drug gangs. I can still hear that rap of Grand Master Flash
in my memory as it was played out on the streets outside my window over and
over. And what a powerful condemnation of capitalism it was, even though it
didn't propose a fight to oppose it.

So, what happened? In a very short time that sort of rap was replaced on
the radio by raps about a woman's "booty" or about getting rich.

All of this has a massive effect on the consciousness - in some ways even
more so than does the formal political propaganda. And that includes what
comes out of Hollywood.

John Reimann

"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Assata Shakur
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