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John R., truly, I feel sad you that you can counter-culturally isolate
yourself from what the masses of people see at the movies. "Propaganda"?
Prove it. Tell the members of the Writers Guild they as saps for
capitalism. Tell them that they are not artists but just US gov't social
sycophants. What a fucked up POV. EVERYTHING under capitalism bears the
stamp of class society. There are no exceptions. And so what? I went to see
The Black Panther fully aware that this wasn't an artistic exercise with
great social implications. I went to be entertained. We can argue about the
merit of what is entertaining but I, nor my son, came out of this film with
a renewed or new sense of social patriotism and God bless American
capitalism. Not even a *little*. I doubt anyone was. We were all
entertained, mission accomplished.

Rap music *exists* because of capitalism, John. It  was dialectically
created, as were Blues and Jazz as a reaction to oppression...or, more for
rap, alienation. From the *beginning* it contained major elements of
mysogony and anti-gay bigotry. This was true from the first tunes coming
out of the Bronx neighborhood it originated it. As such, Rap contains and
continues to contain all forms of contradictions. Such is culture under
capitalism. Looking for pure anti-capitalist culture misses the entire
point of literary and artistic criticism.

I stand by what I said and reject all PC and Socialist Realist horse shit.

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