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On 2/22/18 7:17 PM, Chris Slee wrote:

The FSA was never a single united organisation, so we can't speak of "the FSA" doing 
anything.  But Turkish-backed groups, some of which use the label "FSA", have attacked 
Rojava on numerous occasions.

Reference, please.

We prioritise solidarity with the Rojava revolution because of its socially 
progressive nature - women's rights, ethnic and religious inclusiveness etc.

Waiting to see a single article since 2013 about the brutal siege of East Ghouta. Maybe if Assad left them alone, they'd have a chance to organize seminars on Murray Bookchin's writings and see the light.

Turkish-backed groups committed war crimes in Aleppo too.  See Amnesty 
International report:


Well, at least this Kurdish neighborhood had a non-aggression pact with Assad at the time or else it would have been hell to pay. Fortunately for the neighborhood, Russian and Syrian jets liquidated the jihadi threat to Murray Bookchin's anarchist experiment.
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