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> There was some disagreement, but in general we agreed that our society
> would be better off if civilians did not possess assault weapons. We also
> agreed that the police shouldn’t have them either.

Exactly. I've argued our role is supporting gun control and bringing to the 
movement the need to include the police in those who need to be disarmed.

But regarding "how" to confiscate guns... that isn't going to happen. We are a 
long way from even support for a nation-wide gun buyback program, why get into 
the weeds of hypothetical when there is real support today for other changes.

Since mental health always ends up coming into the discussion too, socialists 
bring opposition to criminalizing people but instead universal health care.

And any discussion on gun control must include suicides and non-mass shootings 
-- both related to handguns and not long guns. We should be bringing 
slogans/platforms for disarming the police, universal health care and 
revolutionary change to how our economic system is organized so that no one is 
buried in debt, losing their home, without work, attending schools without 

Also, I think focusing on the fact that we can't fight tanks with ar15s misses 
some important points (not to mention the history of improvisation done by 
guerrillas to defeat armies). One being, in what world are we talking about 
that cops will be murdering fewer people because those individuals are carrying 

It isn't the guns that have stopped police in the examples often brought up for 
how guns stop police abuse, it is the workers being organized.

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