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There is a tradition in socialist writing of rediscovering
neglected socialist thinkers and showing how the
recovery of their memory can contribute to the solution
of contemporary problems in socialist theory and
practice. This paper belongs to this genre of rediscovery.

The theorist with whom I am concerned was an
Austrian Marxist. He played an active part in the German
revolution that followed the First World War: some of
his best work on socialist planning was written as
addresses to the workers’ councils of Germany, and he
acted as director of the agency responsible for
socialization during the soviet phase of the Bavarian
revolution. Following the defeat of the Bavarian
revolution he was brought to trial, during which Max
Weber testified in his defence. His work on socialist
economics formed one of the starting points of the
socialist calculation debate, being an object of criticism
in the arguments against socialism developed by Mises
and Weber, and later Hayek. In the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s
he continued to develop a defence of socialism which
examined problems of socialist planning in a way that
took seriously the ecological dimension of socialist
thought, and recognized the problems of reconciling
individual freedom and economic planning. He was also
a major philosopher of science whose work in that area
has continued to be influential. However, in the history
of socialist thought he rarely gets a mention, and no
standard survey of Western Marxism discusses his
socialist ideas. Indeed, he tends to be known by two
quotations, which might give the impression that his
main concerns were boat-building at sea and the role of
coffee drinking in the development of sociological
thought. I The reason for the neglect is that my socialist
philosopher, Otto Neurath, was a positivist and a leading
member of the Vienna Circle.

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