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I receive messages from Avaaz.  Below are excerpts from the latest message. 
What can you tell me about Avaaz?  Its functioning and activism remind me of 
Greenpeace was effective in mobilizing around issues where there was already 
broad support.  They were not good at advocating for ideas where there was not 
yet a broad awareness.  And Greenpeace was opaque.  We could not see the 
political discussions inside Greenpeace.

I use the past tense because Greenpeace seems to have peaked and gone into 

                        ken h

We’re fiercely advocating on behalf of Ahed Tamimi and Palestinian children in 

Last week Fadi drove through clouds of tear gas to sit in Ahed’s living room 
and plan a children’s march with her family, after 9 more children in the 
village were arrested. Then he persuaded the minister of education to support 
the march! We’ve also recruited 38 famous lawyers and judges to sign an open 
letter to Roni Nuna, the Israeli military commander. And our donations continue 
to support Ahed’s and other Palestinians’ legal defense. See a video update 
from Fadi here 

Banning bombs used on schools in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is a human rights nightmare, but after they bombed schools and 
hospitals in Yemen, calls rose in Europe for an arms embargo. 

When EU politicians started to waver under the pressure of powerful Saudi 
lobbyists, 740,000 Avaazers weighed in 
flooding members of parliament with messages and calls. And we won -- for the 
first time, a Western parliament voted to ban arms sales to Saudi Arabia! Now 
the pressure is on for governments across Europe to follow this lead.

We’ve received calls from Scotland to France to Yemen calling for action, Avaaz 
played a major role to bring this message to the European Parliament.

-- Alyn Smith, Member of European Parliament

We may finally have a way to stop the horror in Yemen 

Nick’s been in meetings for weeks getting ready to help launch an awesome 
left-right coalition in the US against the war in Yemen! It launched a bill 
last week that could lead to the first time in 50 years that Congress stopped 
the President waging a war! We’re flying witnesses in, and hosting a photo 
exhibit from Yemen for Senators this week. Our video 
<https://www.facebook.com/Avaaz/videos/10155767509693884/> with children from 
Yemen has over 6 million views! And in London, we’ve greeted the Saudi crown 
prince this week with a massive die-in. Video update from Nick here 
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