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A regional European Assembly of Resistance (AoR) was held in Budapest (Hungary) 
on March 2-4, 2018, a delegation of the All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union 
“Zahist pratzi” (“Labourdefense”) consisting of the coordinator of the 
all-Ukrainian independent trade union “Zahist pratzi” Andrii Ishchenko and a 
member of the feminine department of the all-Ukrainian independent trade union 
“Zahist pratzi” Inna Valeshkovskaya took part in its work from Ukraine. Among 
the participants there were representatives of the left and social 
organizations of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, 
Russia, Croatia, Serbia, France, Sweden.

As it was expected, the most heated discussion was on the “Ukrainian issue”. 
The representative of the pro-Russian party “The Union of Left Forces” (Sergei 
Markin), living outside Ukraine and claiming that the fascist regime is already 
established in Ukraine and their party is being persecuted and works 
underground, tried to add to the text of the final resolution paragraphs which 
would shift the emphases of the final resolutions from social-class priorities 
to civilizational ones. On the contrary, the representative of the 
All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union “Zahist pratzi” (Andrii Ishchenko), who 
came to Budapest from Ukraine, focused on the fact that the right regime in 
Ukraine, although slipping increasingly into authoritarianism and carrying out 
ultra-capitalist reforms, tries to preserve democratic decorations and at this 
time isn’t distinguished by its nature from right-wing authoritarian regimes in 
the surrounding Ukraine Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and there are no sufficient 
grounds to believe that the regime in Ukraine has already turned into the 
regime of an open terrorist dictatorship since left and trade union activists 
operate in Ukraine by legal methods of work; they consider suicidal to drive 
themselves into the underground and will make maximum use of the remaining 
opportunities for legal struggle for the rights of Ukrainian workers in spite 
of the growing pressure of an authoritarian anti-democratic regime and 
persecution of trade union activists in different parts of Ukraine. As a result 
of an acute open controversy and a lengthy discussion of practically all 
participants of the meeting the final text of the General Resolution of the 
Assembly of Resistance retained its class-social orientations and accents of 
genuine proletarian internationalism and was not led into seeking of 
“progressive” imperialism and the struggle of civilizations.

Based on the results of the three-days work, the text of the Final Declaration 
of the General Meeting of the Assembly of Resistance was adopted, in which the 
participants stated the crisis of the political and parliamentary left wing 
practically in all countries of the world, the ubiquitous reduction of the 
social state (even in Sweden) and the need for joint international actions in 
which the “overthrow” of authoritarian systems can begin socially only with a 
broad, mass movement of public self-defense.

Participants in a representative regional international meeting in Budapest 
adopted four main directions of joint actions:

1) In the economy – the fight against the oligarchic economy and its 
replacement by a mixed multi-sector economy, creating of a pluralistic 
ownership structure for broader groups of society, in other words the necessity 
of freedom in organizing cooperatives in all spheres of economy;

2) In social policy – the struggle to improve the living conditions of the 
social groups which are below. Instead of various forms of bourgeois 
nationalism, racism, ethnic folly, the persecution of Roma and migrants, the 
most important public task of the left wing – regardless of politics – is to 
ensure the cultural growth of the population, the establishment of civilian 
“people’s” educational structures and self-education groups;

3) In the political field – the concept of political democracy needs to be 
supplemented with concepts of economic and cultural democracy, so that everyone 
could be involved in “democracy”, and not just “elected” ones. Authoritarian 
regimes and their excluding constitutions must be rejected. Social rights 
should be fixed in the constitutions and they must be implemented;

4) In the field of social base – the main reliance of the anticapitalist left 
wing are trade unions and public organizations. If the left forces do not act 
as a spokesman of the interests of people living on wages or labor incomes, 
workers and unemployed, thereby they destroy themselves.

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