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I thought I had something new to say on these questions, both because
‘British imperialism’ was a term that nowadays seemed to be used only for
the colonial period and because, as far as I could see, nothing had been
done on this topic relating to the UK since the 1980s, ie before the recent
decades in which the financial system had become such a major issue. I have
long had an interest in ‘finance’ and capitalism, since well before I ended
up, much to my surprise, in getting a job in a bank dealing room.

I have always been interested in how things work economically/socially.
Initially, as a teenager, this led me to be a left-wing Keynesian, as I
thought the capitalist economy could be more progressively managed. Later,
at university, I was attracted by Marxist analysis as it made much more
sense! I have been a Marxist ever since. My jobs have also been in
economics and business, and these have provided so-called ‘real world’
experience with which to judge and develop Marxist theory. . .

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