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Opening at the Village East Cinema on Friday is a film titled “Our Blood is Wine” (with a VOD roll-out soon afterward) that documents the history of winemaking in the Republic of Georgia. It was the product of master sommelier Jeremy Quinn’s curiosity about a tradition that goes back 8,000 years according to archaeological evidence. As is the case with wheat, another basic staple, winegrowing first appeared in Anatolia as well. The film was directed by Emily Railsback, who formed a production company in partnership with Quinn dedicated to understanding culture through the medium of beverages. In Georgia’s case, the film is appropriately titled since wine has a place in its culture that has persisted no matter the efforts of both Stalinism and capitalism to commercialize it. To my astonishment, I discovered in the film notes after watching “Our Blood is Wine” that Railsback made it on an iPhone.

full: https://louisproyect.org/2018/03/13/our-blood-is-wine/
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