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On 3/13/18 5:56 PM, Saman Sepehri via Marxism wrote:
Punching a Nazi is a red herring. Who cares if you punch one.

Look, punching Nazis is easy. You don't need to have a clue about strategy or tactics to do it. In fact, the video of Richard Spencer getting punched that went viral could have been done with someone who has never organized anything in his life.

Furthermore, confrontations of this sort pose terrible risks. As I have pointed out, people are facing prison terms of more than 20 years for having been caught up in a black bloc action on Inauguration Day.

Finally, Richard Spencer has zero political consequences in the USA. If someone can persuade me that the labor movement will be strengthened by these antics or that transgender people will be able to use the bathroom of their choice or--relative to Michigan State University--that adjuncts will get the pay and benefits of other professors, I'll go out and punch a Nazi myself.
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