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On 4/4/18 1:29 PM, Yale Strom via Marxism wrote:

Folks my new doc. film American Socialist: The Life and Times of Eugene Victor Debs 
opens April 27 - May 3 at Cinema Village in NYC. The film is narrated by Amy 
Madigan and features Jeremy Kittel on violin on the soundtrack. Elizabeth Schwartz 
(ex. prod. co-writer) and I will attend many of the screenings for Q & A 
afterwards. We have a limited budget for press so please help and send this onto 
hundreds of others. The first link below talks about the film and the second link 
is the trailer.

This is great news for New Yorkers. I saw the film last year at the Socially Relevant Film Festival and urge comrades to see it and to spread the word.

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