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On 2018/04/06 05:29 PM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism wrote:
All of which reinforces my insistence that we continue to educate about the
centrality of the point of production, that the labor theory of value
underlaying that conception is essential for the most effective
participation in struggles in the community, the family, etc., and that
separate theories for each sector is madness, and that the sphere of social
reproduction is inseparable from that theory.

My impression, Andy, is that no one in the classical Marxist tradition would disagree with this, if by which you also mean Harvey does not have "separate theories" but that he has sought to explain an integrated system of circulation. You're happy with that diagram?

Again, to my mind (and I may be wrong), the most powerful Harvey innovation here, following debates he's had with Nancy Fraser and integration of her "foreground/background" analysis of how capitalism works, is the new way in which social reproduction ("free gifts of human nature") and environment ("free gifts of nature") are brought within - not outside - the conceptual apparatus.

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