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One of the most disgusting things the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, did was 
their treatment of Winnie Mandela. She fought tooth and nail to get her husband 
out of prison. And she never abandoned her commitment to a radical 
transformation of South Africa. She was bold, outspoken, and unafraid. Yet 
Nelson Mandela was hardly out of his prison clothes than he threw her under the 
bus. He move steadily to the right, and he had to know of the grotesque 
corruption of the ANC. How could he not have known? Winnie was accused of 
myriad crimes, including murder. Only the people knew she was true to the 
cause. She is the true hero in that marriage. I suppose that some will say, as 
they said about Syriza, well, that is the best that could have been done. To 
which I say, bullshit. Like Zapata, said, better to die on your feet than live 
on your knees.

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